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Angel Tattoo Meaning and Ideas

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Angels Can Mean More Than Religion

Just like many other tattoos an angel tattoo has several different meanings. This makes it a popular choice both for men and women. In order to get the best tattoo you can, you have to know the differences between the many meanings of this tattoo. For the most part, when women gets angel inked, they represent calmness and serenity. For men, they represent a connection they have to a higher self. Of course, there can be different meanings with these tattoos, and that all depends on the type your tattoo is. The most common meanings are love, spirituality and protection.

Some Angel Tattoo Ideas

Angel tattoo meaning angel tattoo ideas angel tattoo design angel tattoo meanings and design ideas

Probably some of the most popular and most endearing symbols or images used in modern contemporary body art forms are angel tattoo designs. Humanity, whatever race, religion or creed people may be in, have long been enamored with angels and what they represent and it is for this reason why people would want permanent representations of these heavenly beings on their bodies.

Why Choose Angel Tattoo Designs in the First Place?
Angels are heavenly beings that are recognized by almost all major religions, spiritual movements and even paranormal enthusiasts in the world. It is this fascination for the spiritual realm that makes angel tattoos one of the all-time favorite designs - whatever your gender or race may be.


Angels have become very popular tattoo designs is because of what angels may symbolize or represent in peopleís lives. Aside from being ultimate symbols of goodness, innocence and purity, angels can also represent certain important aspects, elements or events in peopleís lives. Various designs of angel tattoos may mean different things to different people, so it is vital that you get all these things and considerations ironed out before committing to this permanent design.

blue feather angel wings angels banner standing angel tatoo red and blue angel wings pretty angel in brown

Angels are one of the Tarot symbols where they are messengers between realms. They equate to sending messages, awareness of the divine, clarity, understanding and awareness of the divine. In Tarot they are not protectors but rather messengers where it is up to the receiver of the message to interpret the information to their own life circumstances. Sometimes these messages can be in the form of a warning.

cherub angel blue winged angel sitting single color angel wings with halo angel with wings angel


  angel wings with halo  Getting an angel tat is something that many people do because they want to feel as if they always are protected and safe. The whole thought of them being guardians are brought into the tattoo world as well. Getting a tattoo can bring a feeling of comfort to anyone. Contrary to this protective meaning, there also are dark angel tattoos that people get to represent the darker side of life. People can get this to show their love for this darkness or even just as a reminder that it exists.

More Angel Tattoo Ideas

angel        raffeal angel tattoo      angel wings with halo     angel wings with cross     angel blue
beautiful angel      
Another popular meaning is when the angel is in the form of a cherub. These represent love in the world. This lets people know that they can find love in the world, regardless of how alone they feel. The cherub design can give them hope for the future. These cherubs also can be used to commemorate finding love as well. They can be used to remind you that you have love so you do not lose it. It does not always have to be about hoping for love. The majority of these tattoos have the traditional chubby angel with arrows. This long has been a symbol for universal love.

Angel Tattoo Images

angel  cherub in single color warrior angel  sitting angel single color

defiant angel praying angel angel with halo

The angel also represents your belief in the spiritual world. Here, they represent a messenger of God. As body art, it can represent your love and respect for your religious god. It is your own form of connection to the higher being. These are popular tattoo choices among religious people because it is a way to keep their faith with them at all times. Because there are so many different meanings of one tattoo, it is no wonder they are so popular. It is one of the most requested designs at every ink shop around the world.
angel lower back tato     angel with flowers       red and blue wings             purple flowing angel

Choosing Angel Tattoo Designs: Important Considerations to Take

The following discusses some of these considerations that are vital in the selection process and help ensure that you get the perfect angel design.
* Establish what your angel tattoo design would mean

Knowing what you would like your angel tattoo to represent is the first vital step above all else in the selection process. There is a whole array of meanings behind each design and it would be wise to familiarize yourself among these designs which include: guardian angels, angel wings (only), cherubs, mighty archangels, memorial angels (to commemorate a lost loved one), fallen angels and even an angel of death.

* Establish the size of the design you want

Angel tattoo designs not only have different meanings behind the symbols but they would also vary greatly in the sizes that people would want them portrayed. Some designs may not be rendered well if the size is too small, or may be dull or plain enough is rendered in a bigger size.

* Establish the location for the angel tattoo

The location to where you want your angel to appear is also an important consideration in choosing a design that would match or fit well in that location. Some angel designs may be too simple if tattooed on a wide area on a personís back, while others may be too complicated to place in an arm or leg.

* Establish the artist or shop who will render your tattoo

Certain angel designs that are too intricate or complicated may need a really skilled tattoo artist. If this is what you have in mind, it is very important that you have established an understanding with your artist, whether he is completely capable of rendering the design or not before committing yourself to his needle.

Celebrities Who Have Angel Tattoos

Justin Timberlake-Wears a large angel tattoo inscribed with "Guardian" on his upper back.

Justin Timberlake Angel Tattoo on Back

Drew Barrymore-Wears this angel tattoo on her back.

Drew Barrymore angel tattoo onher back

Melanie C-Has the word Angel tattooed on her belly.

Melanie C angel tattoo

Nicole Richie-Sports Angel Wings tattooed on her back.

Nicole Richie Angel Wings Tattoo on Her Back

Angel Tattoo Meanings and Ideas


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