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Ankh Tattoo Meanings

As one of the most ancient symbols in the world, the ankh bears special meaning for the land where it originates, Egypt, and in global cultures that cherish the concept of eternal life or life after death. The meaning is very much related to the symbol itself, which was an important one in ancient Egypt. The symbol represents eternal life and is often called “the key of life” due to its shape and cultural and religious significance throughout history.

Ankh Color Tattoos

Ankh Tattoo Ankh Tattoo Ankh Tattoo

Just as ideas about the meaning of an ankh tattoo can vary, so too do the meanings that scholars have suggested for the symbol. The traditional meaning as an ancient symbol can be seen in the shape of the design itself. Many scholars of Egyptian culture believe that the symbol reflects that body (which is the cross) and the head (the oblong tear-drop shape on top) and reflects male and female unity. Others feel that the ankh symbolizes the act of conception, while still others feel that it is a symbol for strength and health.

Ankh Tattoo Art

Ankh TribalTattoo Ankh Tattoo Single Color Ankh Tattoo Ankh Tattoo Ankh Tattoo Ankh Tattoo

Recently, many have looked beyond the mere eternal life associations of the ankh and have tattoo meanings rooted in this assertion that the tattoo meaning is related to the strength, health and vitality of the person wearing it. Tattoo artists often claim that people have different meanings for the this tattoo when they request one but the top reason or top meaning for the ankh tattoo is eternal life first followed by symbolizing strength, health and vitality.

Ankh Tattoo Ideas

Ankh 3d Tattoo Ankh Tattoo with Flowers Ankh Tattoo with Snake Ankh Tattoo with Roses Ankh Tattoo Metalic with Snake Ankh Tattoo Red Ankh Tattoo Pattern

While the meaning of the the symbol is clear cut and defined, an ankh tattoo meaning can vary slightly depending on the reason why an individual chooses this tattoo. For instance, the  meaning for one person can be rooted in a belief outside of the Christian norm of a cross that implies faith in life everlasting, but outside of the traditional Western belief.

Ankh Art Tattoos

Ankh Tattoo Dreamcatcher Ankh Tattoo Simple Ankh Tattoo contemporary Ankh Tattoo knot

Ankh Tattoo Eye all seeing Ankh Tattoo contemporary design Ankh Tattoo Ankh Tattoo star and inverted moon

For others, the meaning can be related to something entirely different than spiritual meanings of life after death. For instance, some people claim that their ankh tattoo meaning is rooted in their near-death experience or other life-altering event that made them feel as though they had been spared or had somehow cheated death. For these people, the meaning isn’t necessarily spiritual in the conventional sense—it is personal and rooted in their own understanding of mortality.

Ankh Tattoos

Ankh Tattoo eyes Ankh Tattoo chain with wings Ankh Tattoo wings Ankh Tattoo traditional detail

That said, many people do still claim that the meaning of an of this design is both spiritual and related to the ancient culture of the Egyptians. As a sign of belief in the ideas of the ancient Egyptians or simply a love and admiration of a culture that produced some of the most rich, compelling artifacts, the symbolism can reflect this love of Egyptian culture. As with many tattoos that have meaning related to the ancient symbol they represent, ankh tattoo meanings range from the traditional views of eternal life to more personalized contexts like experiencing death closely or survival—or even strength and health. Before you get one make sure you are well aware of all the different meanings that exist—and discover your real meaning of an ankh tattoo.

Ankh Wing Tattoo Ideas

Ankh Tattoo wings Ankh Tattoo angel Ankh Tattoo angel wings Ankh Tattoo wings


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