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Beginner's Guide to Getting a Tattoo

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Beginner's Guide to Getting a Tattoo

The most expensive tattoo is usually a custom design. A custom design tattoo is developed by bringing your tattoo artist an idea or a picture. Then your tattoo artist will begin the process of designing the actual tattoo. Time is money and the more time your artists spends creating your custom tattoo design the more you will pay. Simple stock tattoo designs will cost much less. Your artist is probably very familiar with the stock designs offered in their shop. They can probably do the designs in far less time than a custom design. If this is your first tattoo a stock design will take less time to apply and may be better for your pain tolerance level. Tattoos that are less time consuming will also be much easier on your pocket book.

After you have decided on a design you will need to choose color or grayscale. Black and shaded makes a tattoo really pop. There will be a definite contrast between skin color and the black ink. Color is good to. Color does costs more but gives you more design dimension. You can make your tattoo completely unique just by adding a few colors.

Your next decision is to select your real estate. Where on your body will your tattoo be placed. You need to decide whether this tattoo is supposed to be visible for the public or just for you. You must decide if your lifestyle will fit with public placement of your tattoo. Careers and family perceptions of your tattoo can seriously affect your life. You are free to place that tattoo where you choose. The freedom of choice is definitely up to you but you must decide if you can live with the perceptions from others.

Pain may also be a driving factor in determining a location on your body for a tattoo. Areas on your body with thinner skin will probably hurt more like ankles, head, chest and lower back. Areas with a little more fat or muscle will be a little less painful. Arms, legs, shoulders and your rear end will likely be a less painful area to receive your new work of art.

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