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A Betty Boop Tattoo can be selected to mean many different things.

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Betty Boop was the first and most popular animated sex symbol. Originating as an icon for the free swinging and carefree era of the Jazz flappers. Flappers were the first women to freely display and flaunt their sexuality in a way that was considered extreme in their day but would be viewed as quite normal today. Betty was mostly popular with adult audiences while the cartoons were seemingly surrealistic they displayed numerous sexual and psychological themes. Betty's character was normally depicted as a modern teenager at odds with the older generation ways of her parents.

  Good, Sweet, Loving Betty Tattoo Ideas

Betty Boop with big red heart   Betty Boop with Peace Sign Betty in Pink with cupid bow and arrow    Traditional Betty Boop Irish Betty Boop in Shamrocks             

angel betty on the moon                         betty in red dress

Betty Boop mostly was known to represent a sexualized woman. She wore short dresses, high heels and a garter belt. Unlike other feminine cartoon characters, her breasts were clearly evident with a low and contoured bodice that often times displayed cleavage. Adding to her sexuality was the ever constant display of her long, curvy and sexy legs which accentuated her sexual persona. In some of her cartoons the male characters would attempt to sneak a peeks at her while changing or just walking along minding her own business.  

A Little Bit Bad Sexy Betty Tattoo Ideas

There has always been a definite girlish quality to the character. With a head larger than normal for an adult, this represented a conundrum of both girlishness and maturity that was represented in the flapper style which Betty Boop represented. While there were many compromises on Betty's virtue, the animators attempted to keep her mostly pure and girlish in her cartoons. In 1931 the studios Christmas card showed Betty in bed with Santa while winking at the viewer. Also in 1931, the cartoon “The Bum Bandit and Dizzy Red Riding Hood” she was displayed in a clearly compromising situation in the ending. This was the signal that she was not just a little girl but a full grown woman in control of her sexuality.

Betty Boop Angel Tattoo Ideas (Good Betty)
Betty Boop Angel Tattoo                    Betty Boop Tatoo                    Innocent Betty Boop Angel Pondering betty Boop            angel betty boop               angel wings betty boop Betty Boop Angel Blue Tattoo                    angel betty boop gold earings                                                            
A Betty Boop tattoo can represent many different things depending on how she is depicted. The key representation of a Betty Boop tattoo would be of a woman aware of her sexuality and who is in control of it. One who is very feminine but not immoral but can reveal her sexuality as the given occasion calls for based on her choices.
betty boop in action betty boop betty boop action


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