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Butterfly Tattoo Meaning and Ideas

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Butterfly Tattoos are Among the Most Beautiful and Meaningful

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The Many Meanings of Butterfly Tattoos

Why People Get these beautiful Tattoos?
Just as butterflies come in a myriad of beautiful colors and forms, it is likewise so with butterfly tattoos. Not only do these tattoos come in a variety of colors and forms, they can be drawn to fit nearly any body part, including joints and other moving parts. They are often added to designs with other beautiful nature scenes, such as hovering over a flower or grass. The opportunities for self-expression through this tattoo are numerous.

Some Butterfly Tattoo Ideas

butterfly tattoo ideas butterfly tattoo meanings

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colorful butterfly tattoo images

What are the different meanings?
The primary meanings associated with these tattoos include serenity, nature, and composure. This tattoo design not only has a beautiful appearance, it flutters to and fro from one beautiful flower to the next, patiently gathering food. It is not surprising that they are thus a common form of self-expression for women.

red hue butterfly tattoo ideas

The butterfly may also be associated with beauty emerging from a life of uncertainty and change. This is the life cycle of this beautiful creature, beginning as an often unsightly, gorging caterpillar and becoming a fluttering beauty of nature that can travel freely from one beautiful thing to the next. All of this takes place without giving up its appearance of graceful femininity.

yellow butterfly tattoo's 

In the hands of a skilled artist, the butterfly tattoo can be formed and colored to focus on any of the traits associated with them. The variation of meanings coinciding with a variety of contexts also allows that tattoo artist to choose from a variety of drawing styles.

beautiful butterfly tattoos

Some take this tattoo a step further and make it a representation of mind, body, or spirit. This is not a stretch, as ancient Greek culture used them as a symbol of a spiritual epic. Some took it as far as to make the butterfly the literal ideal carrier of the human spirit rising up from the earth to the heavens. Much of the mysticism attributed comes from its seemingly miraculous ascent from a plant eating pest to a flying beauty.

green tattoobeige fingerprint design tattoobrown tiger stripe tattoo 

Not only do these tattoos have self-expressive and religiously expressive purposes, they can also provide a cultural identity. In the West, it is thought of as symbolizing growth from someone of little value and ability to someone with beauty and independence. It is the essence of western values.

Butterfly Tattoo Design Ideas

flaming single color tattoo flaming single color tattoo flaming single color tattoo

In other parts the butterfly is seen as a sort of fairy. It is a small, beautiful, feminine creature that travels around innocently bringing happiness to others as they witness its beauty. Women who idealize this sort of culture may get these tattoos to symbolize their own life and social purposes and hopes. It is not uncommon to even see this design with fairy bodies, showing the merging of these two ideals.

Butterfly Tattoo Images

purple fairy impish fairy mauve fairy

People get butterfly tattoos for a variety of reasons to fit a variety of contexts. Whether symbolizing change, independence, spirituality, social values, cultural values, beauty, femininity, or nature, butterfly tattoos remain popular. In fact, many people get them simply because they think they are cute.


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