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Cross Tattoo Meaning and Ideas

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A Cross Tattoo Can Express Your Spirituality

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Cross Tattoos The Different Meanings

If you have been considering getting a tattoo but are not sure what to get, you most likely have considered cross tattoos. There celtic crossis a reason they are as popular as they are. It is because they have so many different meanings that they appeal to a wide number of people. The most obvious meaning behind a crossceltic cross tattoo is religion. Christianity has brought this symbol so much publicity that is most likely is the most recognized symbol in the world. However, if you are not a devote Christian, you still can get this tattoo and it will have a different meaning. It all is in how it is designed.

Cross Tattoo Ideas

cross tattoo ideas cross tattoo meanings cross with Jesus image, cross with blue flowers

Another popular meaning of cross tatoos is gothic tattoos. These crossare similar to the religious cross but they typically have an alteration to it. These alterations typically have a dark meaning to red cross tattooit. For instance, many of the gothic tattoos will have a snake or even barbed wire intertwined around the cross. Because these are such distinct differences, it is easy to decipher which type of cross you have tattooed. You will not have to worry about someone mistaking your gothic cross tattoo for a Christian tattoo.

cross with angel wings cross with roses protect the family cross woven cross cross with crown

More Cross Tattoo Ideas

sword cross celtic cross celtic cross tatto cross tattoo

Another spiritual type of cross tattoos is Celtic crosses. This symbol has a long history connected to it, which is why it is a popular choice. It typically is noticeable because it has knots or loops in the area where the two pieces come together. These loops symbolize the never ending circle of life, while the knots symbolize the link between the physical and the spiritual life. Because these crosses have such a meaningful history to them, it is no wonder they are as popular as they are. People who get these tattoos want to represent their faith in life, which is possible through the loops.

vine cross tat cross tatoo red rose cross celtic cros love heart cross tattoo

One of the other more popular cross tattoos that people are getting these days is tribal crosses. These are done for two main reasons. The first is for people who have a family connection to the tribe. They get this tattoo as a way to pay homage to their ancestors. The other reason is for people who believe in or respect what the tribe stands for. They want to have a connection to that meaning all the time so they get a tattoo. Regardless of your reason to get a cross tattoo, you will have many different options.

 Different Types of Cross Tattoo Images

          cross tattoos celtic cross tattoos
Tribal Cross Tattoo Artistic Tribal Cross Tribal Red Cross Tattoo Cross Skulls Tattoo

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