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Dragons Can Represent Good or Bad but Traditional Meaning is Wisdom and Balance

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Dragon Tattoo Its Storybook History

If you have been thinking about dragon tattoos but wanted more information on them before you committed to a new tattoo, you might be surprised to know there are several meanings to this creature. Depending on the type of design you get, it will bring a different meaning. One of the more popular types that people get tattooed is the Chinese Dragon. The meaning behind this tattoo is based upon how the Chinese view these mythical reptiles. This tattoo will symbolize wisdom and good will, which is how the ancient Chinese saw them. Getting this tattoo symbolizes good will in your future.

Dragon Tattoo Ideas

Dragon Tattoo Meanings Attack of the Dragon

Dragon Tattoo Ideas Dragon in Flight

Dragon Tattos Meanings Blue Angry Dragon with Fire Crest

Tribal Dragon Tribal Dragon Art

Blue  Winged Dragon Blue Winged Dragon

Circular Dragon Design Circular Dragon Design

Red and Gold Dragon Red and Gold Dragon

dragon tattoo imageFierce Purple and Gray Dragon

A dragon tattoo from Japan represents balance. They are seen as a creature that is able to balance the yin and the yang of life. If you get this type of tattoo, you could be trying to find balance in your life. This is great for people with a hectic life because all they have to do is look at their tattoo and they can find balance. There also are Celtic dragons that are thought to bring order to their kingdom. This is similar to the balance of Japanese dragons. In ancient Celtic times, they would depict them sitting on thrones, which represented how much power they had.

Single Color Dragon Tattoo Ideas

flying dragon tattoo idea snake dragon tattoo idea dragon tattoo idea

dragon tattoo idea dragon tattoo idea dragon tattoo idea dragon tattoo idea

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In the Western part of the world, a dragon tattoo represents a much darker creature. To them, they were seen as beasts. Therefore, the actual tattoo would differ a lot from the Eastern versions, which is where dragons are seen as kind and intelligent beings. In modern day culture, these mystical beasts are seen as intelligent and free creature. For many people these days, having this type of tattoo symbolizes the freedom you have in your world, as well as the wisdom that you can possess.

traditional dragon tattoo idea dragon tattoo idea tiger with dragon tattoo idea skull dragon tattoo idea

Another reason to get a dragon tattoo is as a way to represent freedom is if you feel trapped in your life. You can get the tattoo as a way to tell yourself that you have freedom. You just have to be able to find it and be inspired to use that freedom. You also can get the tattoo as a way to symbolize the power you have. This can be physical or spiritual power. They both can be found in the form of a dragon. Because it has such a storied history, it is no wonder that this is one of the most popular tattoos around.

More Dragon Tattoo Ideas

blackdragon tattoo covering man's back                 serpent tattoo on womans shoulder                    

                                tattoo on shoulder                         girl with tattoo on back

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Dragon tattoo ideas

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