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The Many Meanings of Fairy Tattoos

Why People Get Fairy Tattoos?
Tattoos of fairies are a design that many women enjoy. Their reasons are understandable – this design is flexible and allows them to show their inner feelings through a personal depiction of a fairy. Different realizations of this concept can nicely portray a wide range of personality traits and emotions such as naughtiness, sexiness or femininity. Versatility of fairy tattoos is also in their easy adjustment to fit any place on your body making it the ideal design.
danncing with butterflies on lotus flower

When most people think of fairies they imagine the famous Tinkerbell, but fairies as such have been a part of western religions and folklore long before Tinkerbell came around. They and other such magical creatures have actually been around for centuries. People in the past were convinced that these creatures had free spirits and would always be kind to those who did good and played unpleasant tricks on those who were mean to others.

in white dress blue sexy

The symbolism or the real meaning of the tattoo is truly an idea based individual preferences of every person. Nowadays, there are only a couple of symbols that are understood universally because the views and beliefs of different cultures influence the meaning for every receiver. This means that appointing only one meaning to the fairy as a symbol is inaccurate and oversimplifying. In general, though, there are some universal concepts of fairies and what they can represent.

Some Fairy Tattoo Ideas

feirie sitting sitting crouching blue wingsfairy

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Because of the many styles of fairy tattoos there is a variety of ideas and values they can portray.
Most of the time these tattoos are depicted in a way that allows a person to express their individual emotions or attitudes. In a way, fairies can represent a kind of an alter ego. Friendliness and happiness can easily be portrayed by a sweet looking fairy. Naughtiness and sexiness are other qualities that someone might choose they want others to notice. A well styled fairy tattoo can portray these as well.

purple devil fairy sexy fairy with cat

Youthfulness and a strong connection with one’s inner child can also be well expressed by a fairy tattoo and can remind you of childhood innocence and happiness.

pink faire sad fairy fairy on snail

Fairies have established their place centuries ago in the western cultures and folklore. Some of the first depictions of fairies describe them as creatures with free spirits that do nice things for those who are good-willed and play unpleasant tricks on those who are mean and spiteful. Another very common depiction of fairies describes them as an important part of our destiny. Whenever a person stood before a decision the fairy would aid them in choosing the right path and doing the right thing.

Fairy Tattoo Ideas with Meanings

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wand art fairy fairy with rose tribal desihgn feirie wings fairy kneeling fairy fairy on the moon with bird 

Generally, fairies can be seen as good luck charms and overall as symbols of kindness. Nevertheless, even this sweet creature has its darker counterpart which gives way for portraying the naughtier and sexier part of life. Such a variety of symbolisms make it a very versatile and popular tattoo design.

Purple Fairy Butterfly Tattoo Impish Fairy Butterfly Tattoo Crouching Faiy  Tattoo
For more fairy tattoo images see Fairy Images Gallery

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