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The Meanings of Feather Tattoos

What is the idea behind Feather Tattoos?
In general, tattoo designs that include feathers can have a deep meaning or can simply be chosen for their aesthetic effect. Women, who choose this design, do it because they probably want to express their Native American heritage or they mean it to represent freedom and spirituality.

blue angel wings feather tattoo pair blue feathers tattoo

The symbolism behind feathers is connected to achieving a higher spirituality and ascendance to a different state. Native American tribe leaders wore feathers in order to display their role of communicating with the Great Spirit and to express their wisdom. The culture of the native tribes also used the symbolism to represent nature’s great powers such as air, wind or the might of the thunder gods.

Feather Tattoo Ideas and Meaning

feather tattoo ideas feather tattoo meanings
love heart feather tattoo art feather tattoo 2 feathers feather tattoo

Members of the Pueblo tribe traditionally honored the Feathered Sun, which they used to symbolize the universe and the center of all existence. Feathers are also closely related to praying in the Pueblo tradition. Rituals of the winter and summer solstice involve dancing and praying for rain with feathered sticks.

dream catcher feather tattoo red and white lond feather tattoo peacock feather tattoo

In a different part of the world the Druids used feathers to create their elaborate robes. The symbolic meaning of these robes was useful during the Celtic ceremonies carried out to communicate with higher beings and to learn to understand the spiritual world. The feathered robes were supposed to help the Druids transcend the ordinary world. Along with the presence of the sky gods, the robe allowed its owner to become a part of the ethereal realm.

color feather tattoos

Ancient Egyptians also believed in heavenly beings and often expressed their presence with feather symbols. In the underworld, the Egyptian goddess of justice, Ma’at, used feathers to determine the cleanliness of the newcomers’ souls. Weighing their heart against a feather would show her whether it was worthy.

simple single color feather tattoo single color feather tattoo 

Christians understood feathers as symbols of virtues. One of the most recognized is the image of three feathers, representing charity, hope and faith, mostly used on rings. Christians wore signet rings like this to symbolize a virtuous soul. In addition to this spiritual use they also served a more practical use – as a wax seal. To enclose a letter, the ring was dipped in warm wax and then pressed onto the paper documents to connect the folds. When a recipient received a letter, he would know that the letter came unread by anyone else and could be sure of the authenticity and virtuousness thanks to the original three-feathered symbol.

banner feather tattoos

Feathers have their specific meaning also when it comes to dreams. When we dream about feathers it means we desire free movement, travelling or freedom in our life. More specifically, white feathers are a sign of innocence or a new spiritual beginning.

dream catcher feather tattoospeacock feather tattoored feather tattoopeacock feather tattoo

Usually, feather as a tattoo design makes use of just a single large feather. The quill hanging over the canvas is very elegantly stylized and typically placed on the leg, the upper back or on the arm. The colors of the tattoo are mostly traditionally black and white, occasionally with shading or even colors that can help personalize the tattoo and better express its owner’s character. To express love and passion one might choose a red feather, in order to show power and intellect orange is a good choice. There are many possibilities in feather tattoo design and finding the right color, shape and type of feather will be a very personal process.

dream catcher two feather tattoosimple feather tattoo3 feather green tattoo

Whether it will be a peacock feather, a turkey tuft or a swallow’s plumage this design will always capture those around you. All types of feather tattoos look good on a beautiful woman’s body.

More Feather Tattoo Ideas

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Feather Tattoos

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