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Fish Tattoo Meaning & Ideas

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There are many types of fish that have different meanings as tattoos. Koi Fish Tattoo

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Fish Tattoo Meanings and Ideas

Fish tattoo meanings vary widely with some people claiming that the meaning of their fish tattoo is rooted in a love of depictions of fish due to their grace, others loving the look of fish tattoos with intricate scale detail, and still others who simply love the sea or to go fishing.

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Trout Tattoo Sailfish tattoo bass tattoo dorado aka mahi mahi tattoo sea trout tattoo salmon tattoo drum redfish tattoo

In some cultures, the fish as a symbol has important cultural and spiritual significance. For instance, Christians have taken the fish as a symbol of Jesus and their faith whereas other faiths, including the Jewish faith, see fish as a symbol of life, wealth and plenty. Many people claim their fish tattoo meaning is rooted in their religion but others see different meanings for their fish tattoos.

Christian Fish Tattoo Ideas

Chistrian Fish Tattoo Blue Chistrian Fish Tattoo Red Jesus Chistrian Fish Tattoo Jesus Fish Tattoo Chistrian Jesus Fish Tattoo

Another meaning of fish tattoos is luck and fortune. In many Eastern cultures, fish represent good fortune so the fish tattoo meaning goes beyond symbolism—some believe that wearing the fish as a permanent tattoo will bring a life full of good luck and positive coincidences.

Other fish tattoo meanings come from Eastern lore in which a certain type of fish, in this case, a Koi tattoo is a sign of bravery and strength. In these Asian cultures, koi tattoo meanings go beyond just beauty—the belief is that wearing a permanent koi in the form of a tattoo indicates a life of good health and strength, thus this tattoo meaning is deployed when someone needs to be brave or appear courageous.

Koi Fish Tattoo Ideas

Orange Koi Fish Tattoo Pink Koi Fish Tattoos Red Koi Fish Tattoo Koi Fish Tattoo Koi Fish Tattoo Art Koi Fish Tattoos Yellow Koi Fish Tattoo Blue Koi Fish Tattoo Koi Fish Tattoo Koi Fish Tattoo Koi Fish Tattoo Koi Fish Tattoo

Interestingly, some fish tattoos mean affiliation with certain groups—or in some cases, certain criminal gangs. Those who are from the West should be careful about their tattoo meanings; some koi tattoos are symbols worn by members of the mafia—a fact that is well known in Asia but that is not known by many Westerners who do not understand this particular fish tattoo meaning.

Shark Tattoo Ideas

Shark Tribal Tattoo Shark Tattoos Shark Tattoo Art Shark Tattoos Agressive Shark Tattoo Shark Tattoos

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While it is often an individual’s taste about the reason for the fish tattoo and its meaning, fish tattoos have been around for a long time—and so have depictions of fish as other works of art. Since fish have meaning in so many cultures, many cultures have very stylized, recognizable representations of fish in their artwork and style. Sometimes people like these styles and the meaning of their fish tattoos isn’t about the fish itself, it’s about the art style that often depicted fish—like Chinese, Japanese and other cultures’ fish-inspired art.

Dolphin Tattoo Ideas

Dolphin Pair Tattoo Blue Dolphin Swimming around the world Tattoos Twin Dolphin Tattoos Blue Dolphin Tribal Tattoos

Fish have been an important part of life since the dawn of civilization as they served as the primary source of food for countless ancient people. Accordingly, over the centuries, images of fish have appeared in artwork, sculptures and figures for thousands of years. In these recent decades, fish tattoos offer new meanings and a new form of art for Western people. Fish symbolize a life of good fortune and plenty and those who choose a fish tattoo should know that the meaning of a fish tattoo is important; while many love the beauty of the fish tattoo artwork, knowing the symbols and history of the fish as a symbolic art object makes the tattoo even more special and sacred.

Various Cool Fish tattoos

CatFish Tattoo Smiling Fish Tattoo Fish Pair Tattoo art GameFish Tribal Tattoo Fish Symbol Tattoo Snake Fish Tattoo Fish Tattoo Art Beta Fish tattoo on shoulder Carp Fish Tattoo

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Fish Tattoo

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