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Heart Tattoo Meaning & Ideas

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The most important meaning of a Heart Tattoo is Love

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The basic and common meaning of a Heart Tattoo is Love...but it can mean other things depending on the design.

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Heart Tattoo The Many Meanings

Although the heart tattoo carries several different meanings, you are able to personalize to have your own meaning as well. This is the great thing about tattoos. There might be a storied past with a particular design, but you do not have to follow that design if you want it to have a different meaning. Depending on the meaning you want your tattoo to have, you will have to look into the past and determine its significance. For example, in ancient Egyptian times, the heart represented the truth in life. It had nothing to do with love.
heart tattoo ideas free heart tattoo designs Winged heart tat heart with flowers heart with barbed wire heart with dagger
Of the different heart tattoo designs, they all carry different meanings. Knowing what they mean can help you decide which tattoo is right for you. One of the more common tattoo designs is a heart with a dagger through it. This symbolizes betrayal or not trusting someone. Another popular heart design is the sacred heart. This typically is a heart with the crown of thorns Jesus is said to have worn. This represents the pain and suffering that he went through for people. This is a common design used by people who want their tattoo to have a religious meaning.

Heart Tattoo Ideas

heart tattoo ideas barbed wire heart tattoo free heart tattoo images heart with halo tribal heart tatoo gold heart with flames devil heart with flames tribal red heart tattoo dagger heart tottoo
Another popular heart tattoo design is broken hearts. This can mean two different things, depending on the design. If a person has one half of a broken heart, it represents the long distance relationship they are in with someone else. The other person in the relationship typically has the other half of the heart. This way, when the two of them are together, their hearts will be one. The other meaning is when a person has both halves of the hearts. This represents a broken heart they have had in their life. They can use this as inspiration not to give their heart away too soon in a relationship or even to remind them that they are vulnerable.

More Heart Tattoo Ideas

heart with angel wings and halo headphones heart tribal heart

snakes heart tattoo tribal heart heart with name banner
winged heart angel wings heart tattoo
The heart tattoo also can represent bravery. This is a relatively new meaning and often is associated with soldiers. This heart typically has a dagger through it. This same design also carries another meaning and that is betrayal. People who get this use it as a reminder that people cannot always be trusted. Because there are so many different meanings with these tatoos, it can make it easy and difficult to choose a design. It is easy because there are a lot of options but also difficult for the same reason.
I love mom heart tattoo key to my heart gold heart

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