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Be Sure and The Lion Tattoo Says Courage, Bold, Fearless and Feared

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Lion Tattoos – From Power to Courage

Animals always are a popular choice for tattoos. One of the more popular animal tattoos is the lion tattoo. The reason for this is because of what the lion symbolizes. The most recognized symbol that a lion carries is king of the jungle. Because of this, having the tattoo represents strength, power and royalty.

Lion Tattoos Ideas with Meanings

Lion Tattoo Meanings Lion Tattoo Ideas

They are the most revered and feared animals of the jungle, so it only makes sense that these words and thoughts are associated with the animal. People who decide to get this tattoo typically are looking for strength in their lives. They use the tattoo as encouragement to have strength, as well as a reminder that they have power.

angry claw lion    growling lion   regal lion profile tattoo    flowing mane lion

single color growling lion  sitting lion    lion with red eyes      single color lion profile

There also is another popular meaning behind a lion tatoo that goes back to the cowardly lion. All he wanted in his life was courage. Because of this popular movie, many people decide to get a tattoo as a way to give themselves courage during difficult times. Even if they are finding it hard to muster up courage, they always know they have at least a little bit through their tattoo. Along with the obvious meaning of the tattoo, the way in which the lion is depicted carries meaning as well.

Tribal Lion Tattoo Ideas

tribal full standing lion tattoo tribal lion head  tribal lion profile   tribal lion head profile

single color running lion   tribal   lion with colored paws  tribal lion

For example, if your lion tattoo depicts a lion sitting calmly and regally, this means that you are a person who is in charge of your own strength and power. You do not have to show your teeth to have people respect you. The other popular way for people to get their tattoos is having the lions in attack mode. This represents your ability to stand up for yourself. Another popular meaning behind having this animal as your tattoo subject is with the signs . The lion is most commonly associated with the zodiac sign Leo. Many people who have this sign get it tattooed as a way to be connected with their sign.

tribal lion color       orgyle lions tattoo         attacking lion flowers

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If you have been considering getting an animal as your tattoo, then you should seriously consider a lion tattoo. It carries such great meaning and symbol with it. Whether you are a Leo or someone who is just looking for a little courage in their life, a lion could be exactly what you need in your life. There are so many ways in which you can get this tattoo as well. You can get just the head or even the whole body if you want.

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