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Skull Tattoo Meaning & Ideas

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There is never anything sweet and cuddly with a skull tattoo

green skull tattoo with stars

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Skull Tattoo The Dark Meaning

Because a tattoo is something that you have to live with for the rest of your life, it is important to know the meaning behind the design you are selecting. You do not want to get this amazing looking artwork only to find out years later that it means something you do not even agree with in life.
Skull Tattoo Meaning Skull Tattoo Ideas Skull Tattoo Meaning and Ideas Ideas and meanigs of Skull tattoos
To prevent this from happening, it helps to learn the different meanings that popular tattoo designs have. One of these popular designs is the skull. This is a design typically chosen by men because they associate it with the feeling of masculinity.

Single Color Skull Tattoo Ideas

abstract skull tattoo skull with roses skull with horns skull cross skull with flowers skull and cross bones tattoo celtic skull skull tat whispy skull

However, it actually has a deeper meaning than that.
The skull tattoo actually is thought to represent change. More specifically, it represented great change in life. This makes sense because they are associated with death, which is the greatest change of all. With this in mind, you can get this tattoo as a way to remind yourself that death does happen to everyone and it should be thought of as a change in life. It is something that everyone goes through, so it is not necessarily something that should be feared.

Single Multi Color Tattoo Ideas

toxic skull  skull with crossed swords  horned angry skull  skull with snake tattoo flaming skull tattoos    animal skull         death before dishonor skull with dager          
Although this is the actual meaning of a skull tattoo, it is not the common meaning. The majority of people today consider skull tattoos to represent fear and danger. Because these are such common associations with these tattoos, you might want to consider those meanings before you get your tattoo. Even if you want your tattoo to represent the change in life, the majority of people who see your tat will not understand your thoughts. It is good to know all the meanings of your body art so you know for sure whether you want it. Because it has this second meaning to it, skull designs are popular among many men.

Tribal Tattoo Ideas

tribal mushroom skull            tribal skul                   tribal skull tatoo

 snake skul            skul tattoo          tribal skull tattoo image
For them, it represents a power that they have. This is why you will see a this design on everyone from a sailor to a motorcycle rider. It has universal meaning for these men because they see a little bit of themselves in the artwork. Because the inked images have such meanings to them, it makes sense to know what they mean before you get it done. Even if it does not change your mind on the tattoo, it just helps to know what you are getting on your body for the rest of your life. It can make for a better story.
                skul tat                          red skull tattoo


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