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Sun Tattoo Meaning & Ideas

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Solar Tattoos are very versatile with numerous meanings and many design variations that make them a very popular theme.

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Sun Tattoo Meanings

Aside from being very beautiful, versatile and easy for tattoo artists to take creative liberties with this design, it remains one of the most popular symbols chosen by those who are seeking a tattoo that is attractive and has personal, spiritual or tangible meaning.

Sun Rays Color Tattoo Ideas

Sun Tattoo Sun Tattoo Sun Tattoo

Sun tattoo meanings are as unique as the people that choose this symbol for their tattoo. For some, the meaning of a this tattoo is as simple as that they love the basic meaning of the sun itself. It represents light, good health and a vibrant planet, and warm locations. For some, the meaning can extend to these larger abstract concepts or just mean that they are sun worshippers that thrive in the heat and light of the sun and love hot or tropical locations.

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More generally, sun tattoo meanings are rooted in the concept of hope and looking forward versus back or thinking grim thoughts. As the ultimate symbol of both light and hope, these tattoo meanings are often closely related to the wearer’s sense that bright times are ahead or a sense of relentless optimism. Many people have highly personalized tattoo meanings for these designs in many various forms.

 Single Color Tattoo Ideas

Single color Sun Tattoo Sun Tattoo Sun Tattoo Sun Tattoo

For instance, some choose to get a black sun tattoo to represent an event or period in which there was no light in life or something dramatic and terrible happened. On the opposite side, some choose tattoo meanings related to a happy time or a period of purity and light—a time that they literally “saw the light.” Accordingly, claim their solar tattoo meanings are related to a personal religious experience in which they felt they came close to a celestial force of light.

Art Tattoo Ideas

Sun Art Tattoo Twirly Art Sun Tattoo Intricate Art Sun Tattoo

For many sun tattoo wearers, the meaning of the sun tattoo is less about the sun itself than it is about the flames that radiate off the sun—something that the best tattoo artists are great at depicting on the skin with vibrant colors. These people often choose a sun tattoo because its meanings are related to the heat or burning of true love or passion.

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Sun Tattoo Blazing Color Sun Tattoo Sun Tattoo

However, the more powerful meaning of a sun tattoo extends far deeper than more concrete meanings related to loving the heat and warmth from this celestial sphere. Since ancient times it has held more meaning than nearly any other celestial object, including the moon.

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Sun face Ray TattooSun TattooSun TattooSun Tattoo

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Many cultures hold the sun at the heart of many creation myths and accordingly, it has a religious significance as the giver of life and food. For those who choose this tattoo meaning based on these earth religions, this tattoo symbolizes a closeness and understanding of the power of our earth’s most necessary element and the light and life it gives.

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Sun Face Tattoo Sun Tattoo Sun Tattoo art Sun ying yang Tattoo

Whether you are choosing the sun because for you the sun tattoo meaning is personal, spiritual or simply because of a sense that suns are beautiful, it is always important to understand the meaning of a tattoo before you leap into something permanent. A sun tattoo meaning can vary from person to person, but these are often bright and hopeful objects when they are done with color and are often bold choices.

Sun Tattoo Ideas

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