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Butterfly Tattoo Ideas

The butterfly is one of the most popular subjects in the tattoo world. This is partly due to the amount of artistic freedom possible with butterfly design, their absolute beauty, meaning and symbolism.

pink, blue, yellow butterfly tattoo pink butterfly tattoo purple butterfly tattoo

They provide the artist with an infinite variety of colors styles and shapes that can be created and still look natural. The most important reasons for the butterfly popularity is its visual appealing beauty and meaning that it represents to various people.

lavender delicate butterfly tattoo     flying buterfly tattoo       butterfly tattoo

The butterfly has many different meanings depending on the particular society. The western world considers it a symbol of beauty, freedom, change, and growth. The butterfly begins as an egg, enters the world as a caterpillar living a constrained life in the cocoon.

Colorful butterfly tattoos

Then a wonderful and spectacular transformation takes place as the butterfly emerges from the cocoon a completely different creature , beautiful, symmetrical and colorful with complete and unbound freedom compared to crawling around as a caterpillar.

colorful butterfly tat        blue butterfly tatoo     

Because of the meanings and symbolism that butterfly tattoos represent, they are most commonly found on women and can be found on almost any part of the body either alone or incorporated within the design of many other types of tattoos. Butterflies are also closely associated with fairies where in many cases the fairies have butterfly wings, this can be seen in tattoo art and in the art world in general.

colorful butterfly tattoos

The butterfly tattoo is a symbol of metamorphosis, freedom, birth, growth, change, life, life after death, nature, harmony, divine love, fragility and extreme beauty. And oh yea, butterfly tattoos are just plain visually appealing. See below for many beautiful butterfly tattoo ideas:

Butterfly Tattoo Design Ideas



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butterfly tat


butterfy tattoo

blue buterfly tattoo

buttrfly tattoo image

colorful butterfly tattoo            

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butterfly tattoos

single color butterfly tattoos

Pictures of Butterfly Tattoos


butterfly tatoo images



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Red Butterfly Tattoos red butterfly tattoos

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The place to find the most beautiful and colorful butterfly tattoos

More Butterfly Tattoo Ideas


butterfly tattoo images


butterfly tattoo design images




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colorful butterfly images




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