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Fairy Tattoo Meanings and Ideas

Fairies are whimsical, magical companions that can be with you when life gets tough. It would be nice to have a friendly fairy by your side to help you solve your problems and fix things that are not right. A fairy will only do what is right and fair, they seek peace and tranquility and justice. A good fairy will come to the aid of the righteous victims and punish the evil doers, the greedy and the unjust.


A fairy tattoo can be seen as is a symbol of never ending youth and expressing the desire to hold on to your inner child. Your fairy will help you seek the happiness and innocence of childhood.

A Fairy Tattoo can be sexy if you choose the particular image style depicted as sexy and provocative. The fairy tattoo is very flexible in that they can be presented in many ways to convey feelings of mischief, sexiness, and femininity.

Fairies have had an extensive history in western folk lore for centuries. Even the earliest lore about fairies included the belief they were free spirited beings that would reward those who had done good deeds while they would punish those who did harmful or evil things. Also in much of the folklore the fairy is thought to represent destiny where they would appear at the last moment to help guide an individual to take the right path or make the right decision.

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Fairy tattoos can project a feeling or attitude that one chooses to portray about themselves. If you are presenting a beautiful fairy tattoo it can convey your joy, empathy and general warm heartedness toward others.

fairie tatto feire tattoo Beautiful  tattoo 

Frequently fairies are seen as symbols of good luck and general good will but there are exceptions to this with the dark fairies that can portray a sexier more lustful hedonistic part of life.

One of the pluses of choosing a fairy tattoo is that they are very versatile and can be designed to fit almost any location on the body. The most popular locations are the foot, stomach, lower back, shoulder, hips, and ankle.

Fairy Tattoo Ideas

majical fairy fairy on the moon Faeire

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Beautiful Fairy in Blue
Fairy in Blue
Flowing in Purple
Fairy in Flowing Gown
Beautiful Blonde Fairy with Stockings in Blue Shades
Blue Hair Fairy on Rock
Striped Stockings on Rock
Fairy on Rock
Beautiful Willow Fairies 
fairy Rose tip toeing fairy in brown
Winking Flirt Sexy
beautiful fairy sitting
Sexy Devilish Goth with Red Hair
Devilish Goth Fairy with 
			Red Hair
Silhouette with Blue Wings
fairy silouette blue wings
Beautiful Blonde Red White and Blue
Beautiful Blonde Fairy 
			Red White and Blue
Withe Large Wings
Withe Fairy with Large Wings
Innocent in Pink
Innocent Fairy in 
Determined Who Knows What she Wants
Determined Fairy Who Knows What 
			she Wants
Chinese Wings in Purple

Chinese Wings Fairy 
			in Purple
Pretty Whimsical Sitting on Sunflower

Pretty Whimsical Fairy Sitting on 
Pixie Kneeling with Wings Down
Pixie  Kneeling 
			with Wings Down
Pixie Riding on Snail
Pixie Fairy Riding on Snail
Green hair with Large Pink Wings
Green hair Fairy 
			with Large Pink wings
Sexy Blue Hair in Purple Dress
Sexy Blue Hair Fairy in Purple 
Green Hair Fairy with Cattails Bouquet
Green Hair Fairy with Cattails Bouquet
Sexy Pink Haired Ready to Party!
Sexy Pink Haired Fairy ready to Party
Solemn Kneeling Pixie in Blue
Solemn Kneeling  Pixie in Blue
Pixie in Pixie Outfit
Pixie Fairy in Pixie Outfit
Red Haired Crouching with Butterfly Wings
Red Haired  Crouching with Butterfly Wings
Fairy Sitting on a Mushroom with Love from Prince Charming Fairy
Sitting on a Mushroom with 
			Love from Prince Charming Fairy
Beautiful Fairy with White Wings Sitting on the Moon
Beautiful with 
			White Wings Sitting on the Moon
Sexy Fairy with Green Wings and Butterflies
Sexy Fairy with Green Wings and Butterflies
Black Hair Contrasting in White Gown
Black Hair Contrasting in White
Sexy Red Haired, Blue Wings and Fairy Cat
Sexy Red Haired with Blue 
			Wings and Fairy Cat
Beautiful White Hair in Blue
Beautiful White Hair Fairy in Blue
The Bee Lover
The Bee Loving
Purple with Silver Moon
Purple with Silver Moon
Golden Hair Spreads Sunshine
Golden Hair Spreads Sunshine



On the Moon on the Moon

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