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Flower Symbolism Spilling Over Into Tattoo Ink and Artwork

Flora was the Roman goddess of flowers, which has linked her to the spring season. Every year, people would hold festivals to honor her. But, despite her cherished role, she was often depicted as a prostitute or courtesan. This was a reflection of ancient Rome’s moral sentimentalities. It also shown springtime as being womanlike and linked it to reproduction.

Floral Designs and Tattoos

Floral designs are generally the most common design in tattooing, which isn’t that all surprising because flowers has an integral role in every single culture. All around the world – Asia, Bali, China, Europe, Japan, North America and the Mediterranean – flower rituals are held. Each culture focuses on the plants that are unique to their region.
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For instance, there are not as many flower rituals in Africa, as residents here are more concerned with local barks and trees. After all, these things are sources of both medicine and food. That does not mean, however, flower rituals did not exist. They did, and it’s these types of rituals that have been around for centuries.

According to evident, 100,000 years ago, Neanderthals would place them on graves to honor their dead. You can certainly see this ritual in practice today. From the White House Rose Garden in the United States to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, flowers have assisted in defining who people are.

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The Meanings Behind Floral Tattoos

Flowers are symbolism for a number of things:

- New life
- Youth
- Vitality
- Victory over death

Plus, bridesmaids will carry flowers during weddings, as a sign for fruitfulness and femininity.
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The majority of cultures equate flowers to the sun with many of them saying that the rebirth of these delicate blooms is a sign from God that He is happy with the human race. Floral designs can stipulate any or all of the above collective features.

But, above anything else, they actually mean love. The White Jasmine, in Hindus, is a symbolism for love. In China, it’s the peony and, in Iran, it’s the wild olives.

People all around the world associate emblematic meaning with them. Thus, if you’re trying to use flowers in a tattoo, you can express it in one.

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How To Choose Your Flower Tattoo

Flower tattoos are appropriate for both women and men, despite being seen more as feminine. And, before you get just any kind of floral tattoo, you need to keep in mind that other cultures have their association for the flower or its color that you decide on. For instance:

1 - White flowers are the representation for innocence. However, it can also represent death.
2 - Blue flowers are the representation for devotion. However, it can also mean secrecy.
3 - Red flowers typically mean vitality although it can also mean bloodshed.

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A Look At the different types of Floral Tattoos

Cherry Blossom Tattoos

Many people who choose to get cherry tattoos often dismiss the idea of the cherry blossom…more on Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossom Tattoo ideas Cherry Blossom Tattoo meanings aaa


The Daisy has meanings across various cultures including Roman, Norse and Christian. The oldest symbolism comes from the Roman myth nymph Belides.…
more on the Daisy
yellow daisies 3 daisy flower tattoo design daisi flower tattoo meanings

Sunflower Tattoos

The sunflower is recognizable by its dark center face, which is enveloped by yellow petals. A tattoo of the sunflower is a symbolism of longing, worship, glory or gratitude.…more on Sunflowers

yellow sunflower single color sunflower tattoo image sunflower tattoo art

Lily Tattoos

Lilies are very popular, with the most dificult part choosing what type of lily you want. There are so many kinds of lilies similar to one another…more on Lilies

yellow and pink lily flower tattoo design single color lily design easter lily tattoo design

Rose Tattoos

Of the thousands of different flowers, the most popular for a tattoo is the rose. A rose tat looks great on both men and women because of what they represent.…more on Roses

red rose tatto yellow rose tattoo design red rose tattoo design pink roses tribal tattoo design yellow rose design 

Maple Tattoos

Maple leaves inspire some very attractive tattoo designs. The most widely known are the red trip innate-lobed maple leaves that are so symbolic of Canada.…
more on Maple Leafs

maple leaf union jack tattoo design maple leaf tattoo design maple leaf tatto design maple leaf tattoo meanungs 

Lotus Tattoos

Of all flora to pick from, the lotus tattoo designs are considered the most recognizable and popular. It doesn’t matter if they’re inked alone or if they paired… more on the Lotus Flower

pink lotus flower tattoo red lotus flower tattoo lotus flower tatto tribal lotus flower tattoo

Orchid Tattoos

There is a great number of orchid species and anyone who chooses this design should consider the possible meanings carefully.…more on Orchids

tribal orchid tattoo orchid with ladybugtattoo yellow orchid tattoo pink orchid

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