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The Ever-Popular Lotus Flower Seen In Tattoo Ink: What It Means Throughout The Various Cultures

Of all flora to pick from, the lotus tattoo designs are considered the most recognizable and popular. It doesn’t matter if they’re inked alone or if they paired to eastern Asian images… they look excellent with koi fish.

Along with being beautiful, the key reason folks choose the lotus flower for their tattoo is the meaning behind them. Where can you find the lotus flower? Lotus flowers are located in the water. These flowers germinate the bottom of ponds – in the mud – and grow in the direction of the light and surface. They flower after emerging on the surface. Lotus flowers are seen as the excellence of beauty and a symbolism for mystical development. There are several lotus flowers species, which are often associated with the water lilies and other similar flowers. Lotus flowers and the blue water lily are often confused with one another. Lotus flowers are typically portrayed as having a base that’s similar to a pad and has reaching petals. The tendrils tend to transpire from the center.

The lotus flower opens up in the day and closes for the night, making it a symbol for various things:

- Light/dark
- Male/female
- Sun/moon
- Birth/death

Cultures That Have Respected The Lotus Flower

There are many cultures that have respected the lotus flower, for their own reasons:

1 - Ancient Egypt – The flower was connected to the sun god Ra and a symbolism for reawakening, transformation and immortality.
2 - China – The flower was a symbol for love, marriage and unity.
3 - India – It’s a symbol for the source of feminine such as the goddess of love. And, much like Egypt where there was a connection to Ra, India connected it to the god Surya, who epitomizes life force.
4 - Tibet – The flower is considered a symbol of mystery.
5 - Buddhists and Hindus – The flower is a representation for illumination and cleanliness. It’s also been regarded as one of “Eight Precious Things” in the eastern religion. In the Indian language, Sanskrit, it represented fertility and divine womb and was named kamala or Padma, which means vagina.

A Look At The Various Tattoo Designs Of Lotus Flowers

When it comes to lotus ink, artists will portray the tendrils as being flames. When done in this manner, it reveals the dichotomy of water and fire. And, in some cultures, the flaming tendrils are a suggestion for divine revelation. A second extremely popular lotus tattoo design is to ink a cobra with a flower, which shows the dualism between death-dealing and life-giving.

There are some designs where the flower’s middle is portrayed as the Mount Meru, which is a mythical mountain in eastern philosophy believed to be the center of the universe and the world axis.

Lotus Flower Tattoo Image Ideas

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Lotus Tattoo Pictures

Girls with Lotus Tattoo on Side

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Girls with Lotus Tattoo on Back

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Lotus Tattoo on Foot

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Lotus Tat on Shoulder

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Lower Back Lily Tattoos

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