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Tattoos of Maple Leaves

Maple leaves inspire some very attractive tattoo designs. The most widely known are the red trip innate-lobed maple leaves that are so symbolic of Canada. Many people associate this leaf, also well known from the Canadian flag, with hockey and hockey teams. Since the 1700s, the red leaf has been the unofficial symbol of Canada and it was made official in the 19th century when it was added to the coat of arms and the national flag. L’Unifolié, “the one-leaved”, was adopted in 1965.

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Maple trees or maple leaves, however, are not only associated with Canada and people enjoy these tattoos for multiple reasons. Ornamental tattoos of maple leaves decorate bodies beautifully and everybody connects these trees with the delicious maple syrup. Maple trees are also used to make medicine and even serve as a basis for a dye.

In the US, the Red Maple tree is characteristic of Rhode Island. The state tree of New York is the Sugar Maple, which is also typical of West Virginia, Vermont and Wisconsin.

On the other side of the world, in China, maples are related to bestowing of honor and giving of gifts. The Japanese, on the other hand, consider this tree to be a valentine for lovers and maple blossoms are the official flowers of October. Blossoms were also noticed in the Victorian times and they expressed reserve.

In general, this pleasant tree represents relaxation and reserve.

Maple Leaf Tattoo Image Ideas

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Maple Leaf Tattoo Pictures

Maple Leaf Tattoo on Side

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Girls with Maple Leaf Tattoo on Back

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Maple Leaf Tattoo on Foot


Tat on Shoulder

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Lower Back Maple Leaf  Tattoos


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