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Tattoos of Orchids

There is a great number of orchid species and anyone who chooses this design should consider the possible meanings carefully. Sometimes the meanings are interpreted as strongly masculine, in other situations a strongly feminine interpretation is possible. This flower is often chosen for corsages.

The shape of the tuberoids that grow on the roots of this plant is similar to testicles and this is the reason for the name of these flowers that stems from the Greek “orchis”. There are more than 20,000 species of orchids and many of these have a stem that resembles a phallus because it is erected. In the 1900s, the expression “purple orchid” was actually being used as slang for “penis” as some sources reveal. Now a perfume for women with the same name is being sold by Calvin Kline. In the Chinese culture, this flower is sometimes associated with a perfect man.

The beautiful appearance of the flowers and of the plant overall is also symbolic of the feminine. It is also associated with refinement and charm. The Greek tradition gave the name to a group of orchids, which was inspired by a nymph – Satyrion – that gave birth to the son of Poseidon. The inspiring beauty and fragrance of orchids is also the reason why they are known as Flowers of Magnificence.

Maybe these opposite symbolisms are actually what best describes orchids.

Teachings of Confucius associate this flower with numerous progeny. In Egypt, China as well as in Germany, orchids were considered to be an aphrodisiac, even a love potion.

Generally, orchids are connected with procreation or sexuality. Other meanings are harmony, luxury, in China a scholar in seclusion and in England purple spots on orchids symbolized the blood of Christ.

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