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Phoenix Tattoo Meaning & Ideas

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What The Phoenix Represents To Many Cultures and Why People Get Them As Tattoos

How much of Greek mythology do you know? What do you know about the phoenix? What most folks know about the this mythical creature is that it’s the bird of fire. According to mythology, the they lived for 500 years and, several days before it died, created a nest using aromatic twigs. It set fire to the nest and went down in flames. Then, after three days, is born again, rising out of the ashes. This is where the phrase, “Phoenix from the ashes” comes from.

In many cultures, it has various meanings. In the Asia region, it’s thought of as a bird of grace and virtue. This ancient bird also has a significant part in the Chinese mythology, which says it’s the second most important thing in the culture; the first being the dragon.

single color phoenix tattoo single color phoenix tribal tattoo
What The Phoenix Represents…

It’s important to understand that it doesn’t just represent one thing. In fact, many people today feel that every part of the bird represents something entirely different:

- Wings mean prosperity
- Body means kindness
- Head means reliability

And, tattoo art has reflected what everybody else believes, which is that the phoenix is extremely mystical and means so much more than anyone could ever guess.

Some Bird of Fire Tattoo Ideas

fire bird phoenix bird of flames bird of fire

Extremely Popular Tattoo Design
Many of those who are into Greek mythology, the phoenix and into tattoos will choose the art depicting this mythical bird coming up from the fire using tribal art design. The fire is a representation of turbulence and death. However, the rising phoenix is a symbolization of victory over life’s troubles or death. It can also be the symbolization of new beginnings or rebirths.

Regardless of how hard the past is for you, the situations you have endured or no matter the amount of time someone or something has tried to bring you down, you still come out the winner, overcoming life’s challenges…big or small!

Phoenix Tattoo Ideas

rising phoenix stars tatto rising phoenix tattoo bird of fire tat

Those who believe in the resurrection of Christ, also are drawn to the rising phoenix design because it reminds them of Christ’s rising from the tomb and living a brand new life after dying.

The Greek meaning behind the word phoenix means red, which represents fire. The Jews see it has being the one creature that has refrained from consuming the forbidden fruit by setting itself ablaze. Since the bird rather have died than commit a sin, it was allowed to rise after three days from the ashes. This signaled a triumphant win over temptation, recommencing itself from sacrifice. The Japanese call the bird a “ho-o”, meaning an Immortal Bird” The Romans placed their symbols on their coins to represent a never-ending Empire.

Single Color Tattoo Ideas

single color flying elegant bird off fire phoenix tatto phoenix tattoo ideas
What Does this Mythical Creature Mean?

Phoenix means many things including:

- Renewal - This is necessary for a person to live a happy life.

- Triumphant over difficulties – This motivates a person to never lose their hope.

- Immortality – This means that no matter what you’re thrown at from life, you’ll come out ahead.

If any of these meanings touch deep inside your heart, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider getting a bird of fire tattoo today!

More Rich Color Tattoo Ideas

Rich Color Phoenix Tattoo Ideas blue Phoenix Tattoo Idea yellow orange Phoenix Tattoo Idea rising bird of fire blue red Phoenix Tattoo Idea elaborate Phoenix Tatto art

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