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Sunflowers: The Various Meaning Behind Them

Sunflower tattoo designs are loaded with meaning and can be extremely beautiful. This beautiful flower will only bloom when it’s really hot and turns its face to the sun, which is why it’s been linked to the sun and sun worship.

The oldest legend about this flower comes from Greek mythology, which talks about a young maiden named Clytie who had a longing to be with Helios, the sun god. Everyday she’d stand and gaze on him until she was turned into a sunflower. Thus, they are regarded as a symbolism for infatuation.

This amazing flower is recognizable by its dark center face, which is enveloped by yellow petals. A tattoo of the sunflower is a symbolism of:
   - longing
   - worship
   - glory
   - gratitude
The downside is that the golden petals are a symbolism for false riches. They can either by shown alone or paired with Native American or Incan images.

The ancient Incas felt the these flowers were a symbol for their sun god. And, for that reason, Incan princesses wore those that were shaped into discs of gold on their breasts. An indicative of this practice is seen with tattooing flower petals around the woman’s nipples. The Plains Indians of North America also placed emphasized on sunflowers, placing bowls of the seeds on the graves of those that recently died in an effort to give their souls food to make their journey.

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Girls with Sun Flower Tattoo on Side

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Girls with Sun Flower Tattoo on Back

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Sunflower Tattoo on Foot

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On Back of Shoulder

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Sunflower Tat on Arm

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Lower Back Sunflower Tattoos


Flower Tattoo Ideas and Meanings

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