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Guide To Tattoos For Girls

By Jade Kings


This report is designed for any girl out there currently looking for a tattoo design – from tattoo veterans to complete novices – you’ll definitely take something away from this!

My name is Jade, and I’m a tattoo addict (I have over 25, and I’m only 19!) – I want to share my experience when it comes to getting tattoos! The first few designs I got aren’t as great as they could have been thanks to my impatience – but you can learn from my mistakes.

It’s not as simple as spending two minutes looking for a design then getting it done, if you want a tattoo you’ll be PROUD of, you need to put a little time and thought into your decision. Don’t see me as a nagging parent or a know-it-all, see me as someone who’s been there, done that and got the tshirt (and some pretty lame tattoos!).

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Do you REALLY want a tattoo?

  - Why do you want one?
  - Will you still like it in 10 years?

Everyone has a different reason for getting a tattoo – for some people it’s a fashion statement, for others it’s a public display of affection. It doesn’t matter what your tattoo is, you need to be 110% sure it’s what you want, after all being stuck with a tattoo that you’re not happy with isn’t a good situation to be in. Remember a tattoo is for LIFE.

Everyone has a different reason for getting a tattoo – for some people it’s a fashion statement, for others it’s a public display of affection. It doesn’t matter what your tattoo is, you need to be 110% sure it’s what you want, after all being stuck with a tattoo that you’re not happy with isn’t a good situation to be in. Remember a tattoo is for LIFE.

So when you’ve established why you want a tattoo, ask yourself if you’ll still like it in 10 years time? If you’re 18 and you want a tattoo to show your love for your first boyfriend, the chances are it’ll become obsolete (if you part ways), and the tattoo will end up being nothing more than an eye sore. If that sounds like you, but you’re still hell-bent on getting a tattoo, why not get a simple feminine design instead? A set of stars or even a butterfly tattoo are great designs for girls!

By now I expect the answer for most people will still be YES – I REALLY want a tattoo!

Finding that AWESOME design

  - Spend a little time searching if you want a truly amazing design
  - Don’t settle for the same old cliché designs as everyone else
  - Splash a little cash on a premium gallery for some insane designs

Finding an eye-catching design that will get jaws dropping isn’t easy. Fact is so many girls have tattoos nowadays most designs have been done before. Chances are if you go getting a design that’s on the wall in your local tattoo parlour, you’re going to be getting the same design as hundreds of other people. Now you’re not going to be dropping any jaws and wowing people in the street if they’ve seen your designs before!

There are several solutions to this awkward problem; the most obvious one is to design your own tattoo. Of course the majority of us aren’t gifted designers or artists, so aside from enlisting a professional to knock-up a design for our new tattoo, we’re pretty stuck when it comes to designing tattoos. The other alternative is one of the many online tattoo galleries. There are free galleries and premium galleries out there, full of awesome designs – but they come with the same problem as the tattoo studio’s wall – other people will have had these designs done before!

Here’s the clever bit – what’s stopping you taking a popular design and customizing it? From some added text or changed colors, to modified shapes and sizes – you can take a popular tattoo and really make it your own! So even if you’re not tattoo designer you can still do a pretty good job of designing some great new ink – that’s completely unique!

Getting your Tattoo

  - Take your time when finding a tattoo studio
  - Research the tattoo studio properly – are they professional?
  - Find out how much it’s going to cost!

When you’ve spent some time finding your perfect design it’s time to think about getting it applied – and this is the bit where most people go wrong. Rushing into getting your design inked can come with many side effects – mostly bad ones. Back street tattoo parlours may offer cheap rates – but this always comes across in the tattoo design. If you’re happy for a drab looking, sub-par design to be inked on your arm then you need to think about why you’re getting a tattoo! A tattoo should stand out, a tattoo is something to be proud of.

So, the message here is to find a reputable tattoo studio – and the best place to start looking for a reputable studio is online! Reviews from previous clients and local health authority endorsements are always a sure sign you’re in the right hands. Don’t go getting your tattoo inked anywhere you’re not sure about! Poorly applied tattoos could be the least of your worries, because tattoo needles need to be properly sanitized and stored – practises which you can’t guarantee occur in these backstreet studios.

Another big no-no is tattoo guns – a drunken night spent inking designs all over your anatomy inevitably leads to regret, and tattoos are a nightmare to remove (and very expensive). Doing a tattoo yourself, or having a friend do one for you with a tattoo kit is not worthwhile. It’s important you have a professional ink your design – both for healthy and safety reasons, and so you get the best possible tattoo to show for your troubles!

Get a quote for your tattoo prior to getting it done – so you’re not left with any surprises when the work is finished! Don’t skimp – if the quote is a little out of your price bracket then save a little, don’t be tempted to go for cheaper alternatives like back street tattoo studios or “do it yourself” tattoo kits.

So when you’ve booked yourself in, all that’s left to do is to turn up on the big day. Remember in life with no pain, there’s no gain! So sit back and relax as best you can whilst your tattoo artist works their magic – it’ll all be worth it! Where you’ve chosen to get your tattoo will depend on how painful it is – so sit tight because it might hurt a little!

When it’s all done

  - Strut your stuff – get your tattoo on show!
  - Take some pictures and show your tattoo off on the internet too
  - Sit back, relax, and marvel at your new tattoo

So, when it’s all done you’ll be wanting to show off your tattoo design – and rightly so! It may take a few days or weeks for your skin to settle and the design to look how it should – and it’s an agonising wait. There’s no feeling like waking up a few days later to find your tattoo looks even better than you thought – take it from me!

Not only should you go and show it off to all of your friends, you should also take a few pictures and upload them on the various tattoos for girls forums and blogs on the internet! Being the inspiration behind someone else’s tattoo is a great feeling – so share your designs with the world!

If you follow these top tips you can’t go wrong – and the result will be an AMAZING tattoo design that you and your friends LOVE.

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